Decem Srl produces extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) in Italy since 1992.

Decem Srl is a leading company in Italy in the production of insulation panels of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS).

The XPS, due to its lightness and ease of processing, is finding a very heterogeneous construction application, to isolate buildings.

The efficacy, in cases where the XPS is implemented at the same conditions of use, is greater than ESP (expanded polystyrene).
Extruded‘ means, in fact, that its closed cell structure is homogeneous and stable, which is reason the XPS does not absorb water and has a very high resistance
at compression. It is used in humid environments or in contact with the ground, in the construction of insulating sandwich panels (the so-called
insulation insulation). Thanks to its particular structure, it resists to situations of strong compression stress and can be used alone
or coupled with plasterboard, wood panels or plastic or metal laminates. In this way it can also be used for the insulation of floors, walls or ceilings.

Since more than twenty years, Decem Srl offers the best production technology in the XPS foam sector, so much so that the Extruded Polystyrene, produced in Germany by Ediltec Bayern with our technology, has here obtained the certification of the Fiw Institue.

It has a quick reactivity and an excellent versatility and speed in the search for solutions.

The production plant of Decem Srl is located in Teramo, in Contrada Stampalone, 13B, 64036, Cellino Attanasio, (TE).

The administrative headquarters and offices are in Verona, in Strada dell’Alpo, 27, 37136, Verona, (VR).

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Decem Srl is part of the SBN Srl group, which also includes Ediltec SrlPannelli Termici Srl Algor Srl

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